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Register for our Canterbury earthquake insurance class action against Southern Response in New Zealand. Find out if you're eligible. 


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Southern Response’s misleading settlements pre October 2014


In 2018, GCA Lawyers filed proceedings in the High Court of New Zealand against Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited over its alleged misleading concealment and non-payment of additional financial benefits due to policyholders.  The class action alleges that those who settled their Canterbury earthquake claims with Southern Response prior to October 2014 were misled about the full extent of their entitlements to compensation. The claim alleges Southern Response systematically withheld information from policyholders about their entitlements and the true cost of repairing or rebuilding homes damaged as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes.    

If you settled with Southern Response prior to October 2014 you may qualify to participate in this class action.  Now is the time to consider appointing GCA Lawyers as your lawyers and joining this class action seeking to recover those additional insurance entitlements.

Can I join the Southern Response Concealment Class Action?

Broadly, to be eligible to participate in this class action you must have:

  1. owned a property that was damaged by the Canterbury earthquakes;
  2. held an AMI Insurance (now Southern Response) Premier House Cover Policy or Premier Rental Property Policy; and
  3. settled your insurance claim with Southern Response prior to October 2014.

GCA Lawyers can assist you to know if you are eligible to participate in the class action.  

GCA lawyers are conducting the class action with the support of funding from Claims Funding Australia Pty Limited (CFA), the litigation funding arm of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Australia’s largest and most successful class action law firm. 

You may wish to have GCA Lawyers appointed as your lawyers to represent you in the class action or simply register your interest with them to find out more.  

To register your interest in this class action simply complete the Registration of Interest forms click here.  

How do I register for the Southern Response Class Action?

To complete your registration of interest simply click here and have the following information ready:

  1. your name and contact details;
  2. address of the insured property; and 

  3. the date you settled with Southern Response. 

For help on where find this information, click here.


Frequently asked questions about the Southern Response Class Action

For a fast answer to some common questions, we suggest checking the Frequently Asked Questions section first.  You might find your question has already been answered – simply click on the FAQS link in the top right corner of this page.

Still don't have the answers you need…?  

Send us a message using this form if you have already registered, or otherwise contact us by email at [email protected].  Alternatively, if you require an urgent response, call our team on +64 3 365-1347 during business hours.