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Supreme Court Hearing Date Confirmed


We are pleased to confirm that the Supreme Court has now scheduled the hearing of the appeal to proceed over two days, Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th of June.

The case will be heard in person in the Supreme Court in Wellington, unless there is yet any Covid-19 outbreak that might cause either a further deferment, or a hearing by way of video link.  (At the moment we expect the case to proceed in the normal way).

Any member of the class action is welcome to attend and Mr and Mrs Ross will be attending as representatives, on your behalf.

As earlier advised, we remain very confident of a positive outcome given that we have had ample opportunity to peruse the other sides’ submissions.  Also, the Supreme Court earlier provided an opportunity for the NZ Law Society and the NZ Bar Association, the opportunity to intervene i.e. to make submissions of their own in the important points raised by this case.  They will appear, and their respective Counsel will be given opportunity to address the court.

We are particularly gratified that both those professional bodies have supported the use of opt-out orders, and that they should be utilised in this case i.e. they support the Court of Appeal judgment.  Naturally, this makes things more difficult for Southern Response, but we will all have to await the final Supreme Court judgment to be sure how this case will progress from there.

Again, we ask that you spread the word and suggest to any other Southern Response policyholders who might have been similarly affected, to contact us or to register on the www.srcca.co.nz website.