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Media Release - 15 October 2021


Agreement reached to resolve class action against Southern Response

Brendan and Colleen Ross, the class action representatives, are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with Southern Response to discontinue the class action proceedings.

The agreement is subject to the High Court approving the discontinuance of the proceeding.  Mr and Mrs Ross have applied to the High Court to seek approval.  In the meantime, Southern Response has joined with the Rosses in seeking a stay of all procedural aspects of the proceedings while the parties await the High Court’s approval for discontinuance.

The class action was brought on behalf of former AMI Insurance/Southern Response policy holders who settled their Christchurch claims prior to 1st October 2014.  It alleged that Southern Response misled policy holders into settling their claims for less than their full entitlements under their insurance policies.

Brendan Ross said, “We are pleased that the government has now acted decisively to resolve this issue and has promised to ensure fair treatment for all policyholders with settlements affected by this matter. We would like to thank the Labour government and Minister David Clark for their efforts to bring about this agreement, as it will enable final closure and allow policy holders to get on with their lives.”

“It is pleasing that Southern Response have indicated that they will be able to address all claims in the near future in an open and transparent manner.”


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