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Government sets up package for Southern Response claimants

15 December 2020 | Radio New Zealand

A lawyer acting for Christchurch home-owners short changed in earthquake settlements says a new plan announced by the government is likely to run into trouble.  

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Source:  Radio New Zealand



John Campbell exclusive: Major Australian law firm backing around 3,000 Canterbury homeowners in class action against Southern Response

Australia's leading class action law firm will today announce it's going to fund what may be the biggest class action in New Zealand legal history.
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Government-owned Southern Response facing multimillion-dollar legal action

Brendan and Colleen Ross believe they have been short-changed by $100,000 in their earthquake insurance settlement - and are keen to prove it in court.
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Southern Response withheld insurance information to avoid 'confusion'

Southern Response kept some costs information from earthquake claimants to avoid 'confusion' over the amounts of their insurance settlements.
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Homeowners left out of pocket

Cantabrians whose homes were irreparably damaged in the earthquakes may have missed out on tens of thousands of dollars in insurance money.
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Government announces $500m bailout for insurer AMI

The Government says the bailout of insurer AMI could expose taxpayers to a $1 billion bill.
  • April 27, 2011